Women’s Only BJJ Event

This weekend was Alpha’s first Women’s Only event!  Liz Knezevic and April Jean ran an hour long course of fundamentals followed by an open mat that allowed women with all levels of experience to get to know each other and experience jiu jitsu in a stress free, all female environment.  This was particularly well received by those who had never done BJJ before.

Let’s face it, jiu jitsu can be intimidating to everyone at first glance.  It relies on lots of close body contact, strange body manipulations that are just not common in everyday life, and a level of competitiveness that can be foreign to EVERYONE.

For women, this stress can be exacerbated by the fact that in most schools the preponderance of participants are male.

With events like this, women who might not feel comfortable taking their first steps in BJJ in a mixed class can come and try it on for size in a friendlier, less threatening environment.  For those women who routinely take part in the art, it’s a chance to talk with other women about what jiu jitsu means to them, and discuss the struggles that they have shared that are unique to being a female in the art.

At Alpha, we truly believe that jiu jitsu is for EVERYONE.  If we can make those first steps easier for any person through an event like this then it has been a success.  Speaking of success, almost every person who attended stayed to go out afterward.  Amongst them, there was nothing but excitement over the event!  We at Alpha are proud to have hosted the event, and humbled by the response and attendance.

For a look at the day, check out the link below:


The first question almost everyone had was, “when is the next one?”  We’ll keep you posted, but it’s certainly on the horizon! Thank you to everyone that came out!

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