February 8, 2015 Alex Embry

Welcome Xtreme Training Academy

This past week marked a great moment for Alpha as we welcomed into the fold a satellite program at Nik Farooqui’s Xtreme Training Academy in Bartlett!  Nik has been a personal student of mine for over a year and has been a blue belt since 2006. I was very happy to promote him to purple belt this past week while at a seminar there to kick off the program.

Nik Promotion

Nik is an accomplished instructor in JKD and has been using his grappling to that end for many years.  As we’ve trained this past year, Nik’s become more and more enamored with the ART of jiu jitsu in the gi, not just it’s self defense aspects.  When he approached me about overseeing an Alpha BJJ curriculum there while he instructed I was more than thrilled to help make it happen.


The seminar this week was attended by interested parties on his end, supporters from our group, and people from Chuck Masny’s school in Lake in the Hills (our other satellite) and was hugely successful!

Seminar at Xtreme Traning at Xtreme


The thread of the night was an introduction to what jiu jitsu is and how to successfully train in it. To that end, we look at some diverse tactics all related by similar fundamentals that serve vastly different purposes.  This highlighted just how big an art jiu jitsu is.  We started with Mike Budnik’s punch block sequence to set the tone of fundamental movement and distance control and moved into the more sport/ art based spider guard.


Stage 1 at Xtreme

This let participants look at how similar each was in execution and principle, but so different in application and goal.  At the end, everyone seemed to enjoy and appreciate both and have a wide appreciation as to what jiu jitsu can do.  I see bright things in the future for the BJJ program at Xtreme and we’re thrilled to be part of it.