November 10, 2014 Alex Embry

Martial Conversations with Sifu Nik

This past week, I sat down with Sifu Nik of the Xtreme Training Academy, a Jeet Kune Do facility in Bartlett, to talk about jiu jitsu and it’s application in JKD and self defense.  Specifically, he wanted to ask some questions about using BJJ to deal with certain problems that one might face when defending one’s self.

For those that don’t know, JKD is a concept and style developed by the late Bruce Lee and advanced in the last few decades by several high level practitioners.  It’s an eclectic art that is always looking for answers to about any combat questions you could ask from anyone that has answers.  It’s this mindset that has really expanded it and made members of it’s practice very formidable individuals.

Nik’s first question deals with grappling the strong, fast, and athletic individual.  Here were my thoughts: